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"Before you know it as the years go by, you're just like other people you have seen, with all those peculiar human ailments. Just another vehicle for temper and vanity and rashness and all the rest. Who wants it? Who needs it? These things occupy the place where a man's soul should be." -- Henderson the Rain King

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Race For WA State Gov. - The Saga Continues...

This headline cracked me up this morning:

"Rossi calls for another election
No, says Gregoire..."

Sounds like two little kids arguing. Anyways, apparently now that Rossi's behind he is calling for a revote. This is the same man who a couple of weeks ago was complaining about Gregoire drawing out the process and saying that a concession from her would be in the best interest of the people. The spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party had a good quote on it:

"In one breath, he says that drawing out the process would hurt the state and in the next he says he wants a do-over," Brost said. "It would be spending $4 million just because he doesn't like the results of this election."
Zing! Looks like the democrats might actually win something for once. Stay tuned.