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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mariners Draft Gators

Day 2 of the 2006 MLB Draft ended today. Most Mariners fans (well the ones who follow this kind of stuff anyways) are busy debating the team's first round selection (#5 overall) of Cal pitcher Brandon Marrow over UNC hurler Andrew Miller. I on the other hand am thrilled as the Mariners netted two Gators! The M's picked CF Gavin Dickey in the 12th round and P Brian Ball in the 27th. I'm particularly excited about Dickey who's a former QB on the Gator football team (and who notably guided my XBox NCAA Football version of the Gators to an undefeated National Championship). Welcome to the squad boys.

You can find the full list of the Mariners draft picks in Baseball America's Draft Database.



Blogger Jamie said...

Found out that Dickey is signed and will be reporting to the Everett AquaSox. Definitely going to have to make my way up there to catch a game or two this year.

12:39 AM


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