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"Before you know it as the years go by, you're just like other people you have seen, with all those peculiar human ailments. Just another vehicle for temper and vanity and rashness and all the rest. Who wants it? Who needs it? These things occupy the place where a man's soul should be." -- Henderson the Rain King

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

About a Son

Film #28 of '07 and #4 of my SIFF experience this year was Kurt Cobain: About a Son.

About a Son is not your classic rockumentary. Instead director AJ Schnack has put together a visual montage of scenes from modern Aberdeen, Olympia and Seattle set to audio clips of Michael Azzerad (Our Band Could Be Your Life) interviewing Kurt Cobain for what would later become the biography Come As You Are. The scenes are meant to invoke the memory of Cobain and provide us with a connection to where he came from. Filling in the gaps is an ass-kickin' soundtrack of some of Kurt's favorite tunes supplemented by a score composed by local lumanaries Ben Gibbard and Steve Fisk. Also mixed in are photos by grunge-rock photographer extraordinaire Charles Peterson. The film doesn't really add up to the sum of it's parts, but it's a unique approach and an honest effort to present Cobain warts and all.

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