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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rex Hudler

Q: Is Angels announcer Rex Hudler the most annoying broadcaster in baseball?
A: Yes. Yes he is. Angels fans, how can you live with this guy?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no idea who Rex Hudler was before yesterday. I started watching the Angels game on MLB TV, and I heard the most annoying, bizzare, and stupid commentator that I had ever heard in my life. His voice was a cross between a middle schooler trying to pick a fight/trying to sound cool and the most annoying movie trailer voice over guy. I googled "Angels Color Commentator" and I got some hits for "most annoying" or "dumbest" color commentator - Rex Hudler. Apparently, most people agree on this guy. Unfortunately, I bought the MLB pacakge to watch the Yankees and three of them have been blacked out and the next three I had to listen to Rex Hudler. I have to hit the mute button just to stay sane.

7:27 PM

Anonymous Scotty V said...

I moved to SoCal from NJ a few years ago and just hearing this idiot's voice makes me want to vommit. I went to game one of this past series against my beloved Yanks, but the next two I had to watch on TV. DirecTV and MLB.TV both had the Angels broadcast, so what I had to do was watch the game on DirecTV and listen to WCBS broadcast with John Sterling on MLB.TV at the same time. It took a few innings to get them synched up but it was WELL worth it... There is no possible way a fan of either team can possibly sit through a game done by this fool... How does he have a job???

11:50 AM

Blogger surfer-z said...

yeah, now he does radio and i am worried that my daughters first words are going to be "shut up Rex"

10:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to think that Jerry Glanville was the biggest moron I had ever heard commenting on TV. Nope, that has just been eclipsed.

I just typed in a google search for “Rex Hudler worst announcer” and ended up here. This is good.

1) it means anyone who searches under those terms will find this website
2) someone, anyone, who signs contracts with MLB and the Angles may someday see this website before resigning this ‘talent’

It turns out he has been broadcasting for the Angles for TEN YEARS!! WTF??????!?!?!

I am a native Orange/Santa Ana guy now working in Europe so I am forced to listen to this load on MLB.com. For the love of God, why the hell does Rex Hudler have a career in the booth? It is like watching a scene out of Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy.

Exchange heard recently in the booth:

Physioc: “2 and 2, would your send the runner?”
Idiot: “Nah, uh, um, uh (grunt), you’gota banger at the plate who’ll maybe pop [unintelligible], why send the runner?”
Physioc: “Runner goes, and it’s through the gap”

Please, MLB & Angles, hire Scott Ferrall, Jim Rome, Jerry Glanville, even Bill Walton…ANYONE but this IDIOT Rex Hudler. Maybe MLB and the Angles could simply cut to the sound of static electricity or a test pattern whenever Physioc asks a question?

3:01 AM

Blogger Jamie said...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone on this :-)

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm an Angels fan and i can tell you, just listening to this guy drains your IQ. He got ripped pretty good in the OC Weekly a few months ago, it was awsome.
there's a reason his nickname is "Wonderdog" - it's a wonder how he ever keeps a job. it's a wonder he was ever a ball player: 7 teams in 13 seasons, a .261 average. 5 seasons without a single HR. he was with 3 teams in the 90 season. HA! what a joke this guy is.

7:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, no one's mentioned his partner, Steve Physioc. As annoying a color man Hudler is, Physioc is just as much so for a play-by-play man. Not only do they talk to the audience like they're simpletons, but they're always referring to the players by cutesy nicknames (Big Daddy Vladdy!), and talking about how great baseball is, and how the game's never over until the final out, and even if you lose today, there's always tomorrow! As an Angel fan myself, I find them so bad together, I actually turn the volume down on games.

Fortunately some games are now done by another pair (Mark Gubicza doing color), and are a breath of fresh air in comparison. Supposedly Hudler and/or Physioc aren't actually being phased out or anything, but one can only hope. And I feel bad for those that saw radio as a safe refuge until recently, since they switch over when not doing TV.

Unfortunately, I get the feeling a lot of Angel fans actually enjoy listening to Hudler, citing his enthusiasm especially. I can see it, and I'm sure he's a great guy, but man... he's still awful at his job.

9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be a fountain not a drain.
The Hud is the best.
Love you Rex.

6:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe how nasty you all are about Hud. A pro player for 21 years and majors for 13 of those. How about you? Ever play professionally, no, I didn't think so. You just talk. He's funny folks, down-home, honest and knowledgeable. I'm a Dodgers fan so raised with Scully, but Huddler is still fun to listen to and he does know baseball!

5:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow...alot of bashing for a guy that just loves baseball. so some of you are mad that he talks baseball on tv or says its never over until the last out or just finds the positive side of things? not too sure whats the problem there. how about the guy on here that calls him "a joke".... 21 years playing professional baseball and spending half of that in the big leagues. So that talent is a joke? I dont think he goes to McDonalds and gives you a hard time about how you flip the burgers so ease up pal

8:52 PM

Anonymous goldsac said...

I got the MLB Extra Innings package for the first time this year, and one of the fun things has been hearing the broadcasting teams across the MLB. A month hasn't gone by and I've already searched out Rex's name to reassure myself that I'm not the only one who thinks so: The guy is a complete and utter tool.

And to the guy above - having a previous MLB tenure does not a good broadcaster make. Nor does simply loving the game, as so does everyone else who's watching. And he's not honest..as stated earlier, he'll blindly ignore irrefutable replay evidence showing his obvious misjudgement of a play, going on in his own oblivious world where he thinks the entire audience are retards.

10:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Angels and it pains me to listen to Rex Hudler. He is a fool and has no idea when to shut up. Vin Scully once told him to "let the game breathe". To his credit, Hud actually tried to follow the veteran's advice, but he’s too dimwitted to hold onto a thought for long. A few years ago, he was taken off the air after being caught with some marijuana. I hoped he was gone for good, but he was only suspended.

I’ve tried watching with the mute on, but I miss the sounds of the game. I've tried watching the game on TV and listening to the broadcast on the radio (Terry Smith is great), but the synch is way off. This year, with Mike Gubicza and Rory Markas on for all the games I saw, I got my hopes up again. But Hud is on again today. Oh, well.

Hud often trails off on a story about his salad days, going on and on, completely ignoring the game. When he’s referred to as the “Angels’ popular broadcaster” it’s like I’m taking crazy pills. Does anyone really care what this bozo did 20 years ago? I long for the day when our sound systems will punch up one sound and drown out another. Hud would be the first to go.

8:06 PM

Blogger CS said...

Man this guy is the worst ever.Has to be. If he isnt I am sure he will give who is a run for their money. Of course Angel fans love him. This is California mind you. The sun does crazy things to people. LA Angels? Last I checked that stadium was no where near LA. I never bothered looking up his pro stats..but it figures. I am sure he is a nice guy and this is not an attack on him as a person (do not know him) but listening to him is pure agony. And I agree. his partner is just as bad. So many people dislike him...he will be on the air forever.

10:14 PM


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